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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
OK, I've got sets and groups understood, now can someone tell me about tags, please? Do I understand correctly that there is some search function within Flickr so that if someone looks for, say, "Union Pacific", they see a bunch of RR shots plus movie/broadway stuff?
The tags will work on search engines outside of Flickr too. Since I pay for an account ($24.95 a year) I see the searches that land on my site. Be pretty exact on a tag. My two most searched photographs are "Columbia skyline" and "Cockaboose." (It's a Gamecock thing.) Most searches seem to come from Yahoo and Google, but it also lets me see how many folks come from a Facebook link (not many) to how many come from a link on these forums. (More than I would have thought.)

I find it kinda fun to think of tags that may be relevant to a particular shot, but might not exactly obvious.
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