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Default Flickr guidance, please

I am reviving my flickr account after years of non-use (amazingly, they didn't delete the entire thing). What else to do when insomnia attacks?

So I am about to express a great deal of ignorance, please help.

I want to set up just a few groups, basically, good, average, and poor/utility (the latter being for shots I may want to give public access to for various reasons). I think all I need to do is to create some sets, right? Does one bring shots into a set or bring them into the stream and then link them to a set?

Is one stuck with everything appearing in the photostream first? What appears there, every shot one has?

Ideally, if the main page is my "face" on flickr, I do not want any of my poor/utility shots to appear there, only buried in a folder/set.

Also, what is the difference between a set and a gallery?

All tips welcome, and links to good flickr overviews or approaches most welcome.

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