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CSX C40-8W 7331 is one of those with the paint that is faded pretty bad, but a good place to catch it is on the Keystone Subdivision.

I've also photographed the standard cab CSX 7493 which has paint that is just as faded. It might look decent if they'd at least wash the darn thing.

There is an SD40-2 oddity out there that has the usual yellow CSX nose and then the rest of it still is in blue with Conrail Quality. I photographed it last spring and don't know if it got totally painted yet or not.
There are a few CSX D8W's in the Conrail paint still kicking... There was one running on the PITL a few days ago ( NS, but CSX owned CR ). 7493 was even in the helper pool at Connnellsville a while back.. As of December 1st, 2008's CSX roster, it counts 85 CR painted units on roster...
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