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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I've been trying to catch a GE spartan cab still in blue on CSX for a while now. We were seeing some Conrail GPs here on CSX, but lately everything in and out of Cayce, SC is YN3 and YN2. There was/is a still blue SD60 variant on NS down here though.
There are still a few B40-8's still in CR paint, they tend to stick around Atlanta though: 5960, 5961, 5973

According to the Bullsheet, the only C40-8's still left in CR are 7489, 7490, 7493 and there is 11 CW40-8's left.

There is only 1 SD50 left: 2497, no SD60 variants, only 4 SD40-2. Basically CSX has almost eliminated the scourge that is Conrail painted junk on it's railroad.
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