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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
When compared to the price of a 2 gallon ziplock thanks.
Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Wow, nice gear, but for that price I will wait until the patent expires and prices fall ... A LOT.
For a casual shooter, sure, it is a ridiculous price. It gave me pause, believe me. I mean, how much would I actually use it to make the purchase amortize? That zip lock is looking mighty attractive.

However, if you are working on a pro level, then the purchase is a no brainer decision. When working, you cannot risk losing your gear and the shot. It would been be pennywise-pound-foolish action not to procure it. Witness how Think Tanks pro-level 300mm cover is SOLD OUT.

Still a ridiculous price? Well, total up your cost of your whole kit. I sure most people would regard that price as ridiculous.

I won't forget being a camera store looking at a lens and a civilian asked his friend what on earth would make any a lens worth $1200. I'd hate to see his guy when shown a $6,000 lens.

I have seen too many people blowing the budget on the main toys but not spending enough on the support gear when it's the support gear is what makes it work.

Another scenario, suppose you have shelled out thousands of dollars, traveled cross country for that charter, only to have your camera go down because it got wet in a sudden rain/snow storm. The cover's price is now chump change to what you have invested monetarily and emotionally.

As I mentioned before, my 40D, wrapped in a purchased cheap camera cover, crapped out when it still got wet last November. Not having a back-up body, I was done for the day just as the light was getting interesting.

I plan to get this cover when I can.

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