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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
I could pick it apart piece by piece too, if you would like... I thought I was giving you the message without any undue drama.

Sometimes you need to hear blunt criticisms like mine.
I read the forums for several years before signing up to post new threads or make comments and it didnt take me long to figure out the "constructive" helpful posters on here. Your comments, for the majority of the time, are short, blunt and nonconstructive. I opened the door in my original post "Feel free to make suggestions or pick apart, I got thick skin........." yet you chose to post your normal nonconstructive remark. All I got form your comment was "Why bother to try if that is all you can do..." You tell me what I can take to the bank from your original comment?? Then you get offend when other posters take offense to your comment. We are all here on RP and the forums for for two passions, Railroading and photography. Harsh comments will only reap a harsh response (and they have their time an place) but here on the forums, especially when a poster is looking for "Constructive" help or advise your normal one liners brings nothing to the table. Bluntness seems to be your choice approach but why not do it in a constructive and helpful way??
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