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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Your comment, and as other after you have mentioned, does some it up. I posted my pic on here for constructive advice and constructive suggestions on how to improve. I read the forums quite frequently for the sole purpose of collecting useful knowledge. Useful experienced knowledge is far better than an opinionated remark with no constructive guidance.
In response to other suggestions for additional things to look at in the shot I posted, I do have several other shots as suggested, crew and station, unfortunately I dont have permission to post pics with the crew in those. So I picked the best shot I had outside of those more detailed shots and crossed my fingers that I was good enough for RP. But it wasn't and thats Ok, I still got the experience of the ride and for the life of this thread, I got to tell my story and collect more useful knowledge from these forums, as they were intended to, in the process.
I could pick it apart piece by piece too, if you would like... I thought I was giving you the message without any undue drama.

Sometimes you need to hear blunt criticisms like mine.
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