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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
...and laid it out like "you cant be here, leave or i'm going to call the cops". So I left after getting a couple shots.
My advice to anyone who is where they can be, when something like this happens, is to kindly tell the person making such a claim that maybe they should call the local LEOs to clear up the matter for everyone. If you're in the right, chances are the LEOs will tell the hired guys that you're right and they're wrong.

Be sure you're actually right though.

CSX used to try to run me off public access areas in Cayce. They were never too lucky with that. They never threatened to call the police, but at the time, I did tell the last guy that told me "CSX doesn't want you guys here" that maybe my employer would be interested in hearing why CSX was trying to curtail someone's First Amendent Right. I then gave him my business card with the TV station's logo on it where I worked at the time.

Problem solved.
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