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I do see your point and yes, the alarm did in fact buzz in my head as well. however, this radio barely worked when I bought it. Secondly,(this I know for a fact) CSX recently began exchanging old radios with new ones. Chances are it may have not been stolen, perhaps junked and rescued by luck from somebody. So there is a grey area here. But, all I can say is "What a find!" People collect old derailers, switch locks, railroad signs, timetables, old signal heads, crossing gates, etc....
For what is worth, all Railroads that I'm aware of insist on that their supplier destroy such trade ins especially if it has their markings on it. The grey area you speak of should be your brain, my previous entry's comment still stands. But then again, believe what you will. As for the rest of the equipment you mention, make sure you have the proper providences from the seller.
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