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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
You can't store Elements 12 and CS6 by some means so you can load them onto your next computer?
Sure. I have them both in storage along with CS2, and CS3. Does that mean they will be usable? Nope.

I could install CS2, but since the activation server for it has been down for years, moot point

Elements 12 is notoriously difficult to configure to run properly on a post 2017 Win 10 Opsys. I've been tinkering with it at work on our Win 10 test box without much luck. Yes, we have a windows 10 test computer because medical facilities generally do not switch opsys like the consumer world forces users to. Windows 7 is also what I continue to run at home. A sad day is coming on 1/14/20.

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