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I know this is dredging up an old thread, but it's been two years since the original post and I was curious to see what my 'average' stuff is today.

I went from 192.30 to 207.18 to 468.65 where it stands as of this typing. Here are the two shots at my average:

From Dec '05:
Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 128235
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

From Jul '07:
Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 192593
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

In two years, my average has more than doubled, which is pretty remarkable. I certainly don't take credit for the jump, but rather it's a testament to the growing popularity of RP and the number of people stopping by and checking out the photos. I've noticed that in the past that 100 views was a semi-reliable mark to tell if your photo was 'made it', but it looks like the 200-300 view range is a better indicator today...
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