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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) View Post
Are you serious, the house and barn take away from the image?! Oh, yes, find an empty boring field, get closer and lose all interesting things that give the image a sense of place not to mention the line (road) that leads to the train.
Andrew, in this case, I think the open field would be the best choice, simply because I find the power lines distracting, and I see a lot of various things to look at towards the left of the frame that take away from the image, in my opinion. Now, if there was only the barn and the tree, or the house and the tree, I'd really like the image and try to persuade the OP to somewhat include that into the composition, of course, if able to somewhat exclude the power lines.

I'm all for barns and other structures in images, as long as there isn't so much to look at it. I think a large quantity of things can sometimes take away from an image. I suppose in some cases, a lot of things to look at can also make an image more appealing.

Below are some examples as to what I find appealing..

Image © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
PhotoID: 301158
Photograph © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)

Nicely done! You have a clear shot of the train that is not obstructed by anything, but you still have a scenic composition with plenty for the eye to look at without going overboard.

Image © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
PhotoID: 285728
Photograph © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)

Again, nicely done. You're closer to the tracks (which is what I suggested to Violet-Skies), but you did manage to include the silo, which in my opinion, adds to the image. The red tractor in the foreground is a nice touch as well.

My 0.2 cents worth.
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