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I think Chase says good things and bad, and so I agree with Joe mostly and I agree and disagree with AB2. I agree that a blank field is not the way to go, so the repositioning recommendation I don't care for. But I agree with Chase about the foreground obstruction, the very part of his post that AB2 subsequently highlighted in bold. The entire house/barn zone is just a mass of clutter, structures, evergreens, poles, trees; it took me a bit to figure out those were double stacks. And the top/bottom problem Joe talks about, huge!

One possible solution is a repositioning, but not what Chase suggested. I suggest going maybe 100 yards forward down the road toward the RR, until you are even with the nearest pole visible in this shot. Then, you capture the crossing, train, and put the house on the left, so none of the junk behind the house. You have more focus on the scene, not just a tiny house in there somewhere. You still have the road leading into the shot, but not endless acres of bare ground. You don't have endless blue sky, you have more of a train. Stepping back as far as seen in this shot just means more bare sky, more bare soil, and a distant and cluttered farmyard.
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