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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
Why the attitude toward someone who gave his opinion? I thought that's why the OP came here, to get opinions. My opinion isn't that different from Chase's. I think the barn is one too many elements in the shot. I don't think it works. But if you crop the barn out and leave the house, I think it would add too many power lines to the shot.

The shot as is does not stand out. The train is centered top to bottom. It's seperated by a sea of green on the bottom and a sky of blue up top. Except for the road, everything is centered in the shot, the train, the buildings, the trees and even the power lines. It's not pleasing to the eye other than being techniclly dead on. The road should probably be to one side rather than more in the middle.

So I do say the house AND the barn do take away from this specific image as it is composed. I would suggest the OP do what Chase said IF POSSIBLE, then shoot back toward the house and see if that works better than this. It's ot about whether to shoot a wedgie or not in this case, but how to make what I call a "wide and to the side" more interesting.
I have a problem with the advice to lose everything in the image and just shoot the train in a field. Yawn! The questions are: Does this photo have a chance to make the DB? Yes. Is the quality there? I can't judge by the attachment so I can't say definitely yes or no.

Now onto the opinions. Of course, we'd all do something different with the scene because photography is subjective. The OP obviously likes everything included so what's the point in telling him to go to a field and shoot something completely different rather than providing alternate suggestions like you did, Joe. That's the reason for the "attitude". I would have teled in (if thats an option) to focus more on the house while putting it in between the poles rather than having one blocking it. If he could go into the field and shoot back rather than just a broadside, I like that suggestion but I don't see the point of losing EVERYTHING in the photo.
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