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Originally Posted by Gear View Post
Oh, I've misunderstood. I was under the assumption that non-rail associated photos could be put up on Open Discussion board (after all, it is "off topic"). No worries, and no offense taken. I do intend on getting some railroad pictures up at some point (where I now live, it's a bit more of an excursion than it used to be in my old home town).

Well, that is how one builds.
I'm always happy to give a good critiquing if someone asks. though I might come across as a bit harsh...
Your first picture isn't overly interesting subject or composition wise, it's too top heavy to start out with. It's also pretty blurry. Good idea trying to get an interesting angle on it, though.
Second and third are overdone to the point where you can't tell what it's a photo of.'s a grainy cat.
Anyways, GET OUT AND SHOOT! You need to take pictures of interesting things
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