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Gear, having read your original post and now this, I am not sure if your expectations match up here. RP is about rail photography. One only occasionally sees significant discussions of non-photo rail topics (look in the US and International forums) and even those are sporadic. One doesn't generally see discussions of non-rail photography. It is a pretty narrow focus here, with the occasional deviation.

So I wonder if your interests would be better served in a general photography forum, maybe fredmiranda. Maybe even certain forums in DPreview. Probably bunches of others; I am not familiar with the range of photography forums on the 'net. And maybe some general discussion rail forums.

Now, given that, a forum becomes what its participants make of it. Up to you what you do and up to others what they do. I'm not policing, I am just pointing out, in a friendly way I hope, something you may not have figured out yet.
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