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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'd be OK if RP decided to limit everyone to just one submission per day. If everyone had to pick and choose carefully, I think it would enhance the quality of the daily photo parade. It would also give more attendees a shot at getting some decent views after a charter, special move, 611 run, etc.
As a relative latecomer to the RP party, I'm limited to two uploads per day, and that works just fine for me. The ability to edit material is a quality that is lost on many people, and a limit would help that issue. In the pre-digital days, I would go to many basement slide show get-togethers. There would usually be at least one guy who would show a bunch of scenes with questionable light/exposure with a few gems thrown in, or a sequence of approaching power/rosters of each unit/going away of the power, and none of them were good. While the RP screening process should eliminate most questionable shots, a bunch of same-day submissions gives the impression of that submitter's inability to pick their best results from an event.

It would also limit rejections, as submitters would quickly learn to go over their images in a detailed manner if they wanted to get something on the site.
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