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Originally Posted by wds View Post
Hey, ain't nothing more realistic than clean clothes in a steam shop! Not even two properly made-up young ladies looking for a rat in the dark recesses of the train shed with a kerosene lantern

Image © Axel Bozier
PhotoID: 653183
Photograph © Axel Bozier
This was the first time I've seen the Rosies out in completely clean garb. Normally, their clothing is pre-treated with cinders, soot and grease, as is their make-up. I actually saw Pete rolling their clothing on the floor of the Strasburg Rail Road Shop on one occasion. Plenty of grease and oil there.

I noticed the squeaky clean "look" when I was editing the only Rosie shot that I I wrote my caption accordingly....because yeah, the ladies looked too clean to be "taking a break" in the middle of a work day:

Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 652304
Photograph © Kevin Madore

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