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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
My quandary is - why are so few seemingly intrigued nor impressed? Even with an SC and a PC Chris's shot garned mid 30's in "favorites", and like my own, relatively few comments. I think it could be that A) Steam on a diesel biased site B) Few know that the two "M" Class N&W 4-8-0's in existence do not co-reside at Strasburg C) Maybe the audience really does not care for "fake" photos D) The inclusion of Moon in my shot photobombed an otherwise perfectly impressive side by side shot of two Mastodons!

O' speaking of "fake" - thank you Mr Link, for the views ; )

I think that in general, night shots garner fewer views than daytime scenes. Someone mentioned that steam scenes always look staged, which of course, is true, but in my view, none look more staged than ones done at night. Sure, once in a while, you'll see a night shot that's really well done.....not blown away with flashes, but just the right amount and color of light to almost look like ambient yard or station lighting, with even pools of light on the ground, etc. But such shots are the exception, not the norm. Too many night shots just scream: "Hey, I bought some Killer Bees!" There's definitely a learning curve to doing night shots that attract the clicks, and few have mastered it. Certainly not me.

In the case of Mitch's shot, I think it's really well-done, but as he notes, we've seen the basic scene in the recent past, and it got a fair amount of attention at the time. Unfortunately, the audience here is a bit jaded. If a thumb shows up that they think they've seen before, they often don't click on it. The recent Southern Charter down at TVRM is a great example. One would think that shots of 630 and 4501 with freight would garner a lot of views, because 95% of all of the previous images of those engines were of regular passenger ops. The truth is that a lot of the charter images are having difficulty breaking 500 views.....except perhaps, the ones with ladies in them.

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