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Originally Posted by BurlingtonNorthern View Post
Why do they keep rejecting my pictures for the same reason, specifically, “Poor Esthetic Quality: This rejection reason means that the photo is of low esthetic qualities, or is simply not the type of material we are wishing to publish.”
Well, in a way, this is the easiest rejection to understand. They clearly say it's either not good enough or it's just not want they want. (The frustrating part is they don't tell you why they don't like it.)
Originally Posted by BurlingtonNorthern View Post
I really don’t know what “poor esthetic quality” means but can assure you that I took the best picture allowable under the conditions.
We all feel your pain, but that has no bearing on getting a picture in the database. It's just an interesting story.
Originally Posted by BurlingtonNorthern View Post
Can someone please explain to me what “esthetic Quality” is and how my pictures, using this one as an example, are “poor”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
We'd obviously have to see the other pictures to comment on those, but some above me have pointed out the flaws in the hi-rail picture linked here. It's cropped way too tight, there is no light to speak of, it's not a very interesting subject in my own tastes and the sky behind the truck and above it is blown out.
Originally Posted by BurlingtonNorthern View Post
That being said, I think this picture is of as good or better quality then many of the pictures I see on this forum.
That's a matter of opinion. No one yet on this forum -- not to mention the screener -- seems to agree with you. If you'd like to point some of those other photos out here, please do. However, that still won't have anything to do with this shot getting in or not.
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