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Having been nailed with a few PEQ's lately, I can feel your pain. It is by far the most frustrating rejection because it doesn't give you any real feedback and provides no real reason other than "We don't like it". Biggest hurdle is you need to forget about how rare or difficult it was to get the shot. RP doesn't care about that at all. They only care about great pictures. In particular they don't want a site full of so-so roster shots. That being said, this photo has several problems and have a feeling they just felt it was easier to PEQ it than list all of them. It's blown out and over-exposed. It's cropped way too tight (doesn't matter that you had no way to back up further - they don't care), common cloudy day shots are very difficult to get in, and it looks over-sharpened. See the jaggies on the rails? I know it's frustrating, but keep trying. You'll become a much better photographer in time.
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