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Originally Posted by BurlingtonNorthern View Post

I really don’t know what “poor esthetic quality” means but can assure you that I took the best picture allowable under the conditions.

Specifically, I took this picture on Friday, June 5, 2009 during the closest think to a break in the rain that occurred that day. When I went back on Saturday, this hi-railer had moved. So while I wish I could have taken one in perfect lighting, such lighting just wasn’t available.

Furthermore, while I also wish that I could have taken a perfect 90 degree shot of this neat hi-railer, standing back far enough to do so would have required that I walk into a concrete retaining wall and stand four feet into a hillside.
Having tried to get a number of hi-railer shots on myself, I have to say that hi-rail vehicles just aren't RP's thing unless there's something really interesting going on in the scene with them. As others have said, sometimes PEQ just means they don't want the picture because the subject doesn't fit what they want on the site. We can argue all day about whether hi-rail vehicles are "railroady" enough or not, but ultimately its up to the admins, and I think their view is that they're just trucks that happen to be on rails, and not what they want on the site.

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