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Originally Posted by trainboysd40 View Post
They didn't say that they wouldn't process it beyond that, what they said was that they were continuing to process it until the end of 2010...
Yes, that is parsed correctly.

Since Dwayne's presently will process other obsolete film (get Grandma's Disc film out of the bottom drawer now!) they are leaving the door open for processing runs of Kodachrome on a as needed basis. In other words, if they get enough rolls to justify the cost of a run, I'm sure they would do so after the cut off date.

However, I simply can't imagine there would be enough film needing processing after 2010 to keep the machine in fresh chemicals every day. Indeed, I imagine toward the end of 2010, the runs will be on a minimum basis. (Except I'm sure they will get a huge number of rolls to process in December as everyone gets their last Christmas shots in!)

The big point of course is that Kodak has quit making the film, thus need for processing is finite.

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