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They will delete photos from oldest to newest until the account is at 1000 photos.

I'm somewhat pissed myself and am contemplating what to do next. Part of me thinks it would've been more logical to limit by storage instead of a hard quota on the number of photos, especially since there's a big difference between those that upload at 1200px wide and those that upload at full resolution. But, on the other hand, not as many people would be incentivized to pay up for pro accounts, which is obviously one of their endgoals.

Right now I have just under 1400 photos uploaded and am using less than 1GB of storage. It makes no sense to pay $50 for such puny levels of server space, so if I were to go pro, it would be for the community aspect - but several people I follow are likely to leave as a result of these changes, leaving the community worse off and meaning that I'm paying for a more mediocre product in the end. (About 1/4 of the people I follow are free account holders with more than 1000 photos; a further 10-15% are free users with between 900 and 1000 photos and will soon be constrained for growth.)

And then there's the archival aspect of it. Losing stuff like this is just a damn shame.

Maybe Trainspo? I've been considering setting up over there.

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