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It's been interesting watching the evolution of where the railfan crowd has chosen to post their images over the years... Trainorders, RP, Pbase, Flickr... I remember when seemingly everyone and their brother was posting here, then there was a mass exodus to Flickr, and now it appears something else will be on the horizon.

I used to post to RP and RRpicturearchives, which both are railroad-specific sites where you can search by locomotive type, location, etc. in a standardized format. Archives started acting really buggy during 2014 and 2015 (failed uploads, broken or misdirected thumbnails), so I dropped it and sort of hesitantly joined Flickr. After awhile, I became a big fan of Flickr's interface, and the freedom to post photos and make corrections without being screened. There's a huge railfan community over there that seems more vocal than the folks viewing RP these days. I got over the fact that it wasn't a railroad-oriented site and just decided to do the bet job I could tagging keywords on my own photos. I still upload to RP on an occasional basis, usually to reduce redundancy in my Flickr feed.

I'm pretty selective about what I upload to either site, and after nearly three years I only have about 250 photos on Flickr. So I guess I will stick around there for the time being (at this rate it will take a few years for me to hit a thousand) and see where everyone else makes the jump to. As time goes on, however, I feel that more and more websites will be charging for use/storage of any type, and we may look back fondly on the days we could download/upload files or read/post messages without paying first.
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