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Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
Guess I got lucky Bob. Quite the show at Ogilvie during rush hour. Metra up above and Metra below. I only got the chance to spend a few hours one afternoon. Would love to go back with a local guide to maximize my time spent. I did get a nice shot of the Beverly Shores station. Hopefully I can get it accepted.
How was the camping?

Your photo, I think more than luck, you have two trains, nice light, the shadows up front provide good contrast. The CTA and Metra looks easy there because there is constant traffic but with buildings and shadows it can take time to get the right setup. I have a nice vertical of Ogilvie from the CTA station but it took a while for the sun to swing around and train on the right track. Thanks for reminding me abut this location, think there could be some night shots there, just need to wait for shorter days.

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