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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
In other words, a photograph cannot be enjoyed unless reality grounded. Fair enough.
Reality is beautiful, otherwise we wouldn't be out there capturing it.

I may not be the best person to be in this discussion because I couldn't care less if I'm a well known railroad photographer. Rarely do I submit here, Even more rare is my submission to any magazine (I have to be asked, and even then I usually don't), and I do not have a flickr site. You won't find me dropping 3 images a day in 20 different facebook groups either. I'm perfectly content just hanging out with a small group of friends that chase choo-choos in places you can't find on a map, and come home to send 99% of my images to long term storage to be mostly forgotten.

And that's as real as it gets.

Loyd L.
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