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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post

[*]An easier way to make an adjustment is to look for the "Remove Color Cast" feature in PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements. That's an eyedropper tool that you can touch to some element in the image that should be black, white or gray. It's an automatic adjustment, so you cannot fine-tune it, but you can undo it if it does not look right to you. You can also try picking a different color target (black, white, gray) and see if it gives you better results.

On most images, you can find something black, white or gray to help you make adjustments, but that's not always the case. There are some images which are indeed difficult to correct, and as noted, experience really helps.
A method that IS variable: some versions of Windows have a "color enhance" feature (8.1 and maybe 7). This can enhance a selected color, but can also variably desaturate that color.
Yesterday I tried it on a snow scene with a difficult color cast. Selecting a snow patch and desaturating fixed not only the snow, but the overcast sky as well.
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