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Originally Posted by David Harrison View Post
So there's a difference between "appeal" and "corrections". Is this written somewhere?

An appeal is when you click the "Appeal" link (from the rejection notification email) or button (from the "Rejected Photo List" on your "Members" page) because you disagree with the screener's judgement. This sends your image file to a separate screening queue for appeals only, and supposedly to a different screener for a second opinion (though sometimes I wonder about that). The Members page is accessed by clicking the so-labelled tab under the RP banner, beside the Home tab at the top of your screen. A correction is when you re-work a photo to correct whatever problem(s) the screener called you on and submit the different (and hopefully new and improved) to the screening queue. Two completely different entities. Hope this helps and doesn't just come off as a mumble-jumble of words!
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