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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post

I agree, with the modification that I never appeal subjective rejections. I have been a magnet for unlevel rejections. I always double-check the image that I submitted, and if all of my reference verticals are correct, I don't hesitate to appeal with a polite explanation. I appealed one last night and it's currently on the front page:

Image © Doug Lilly
PhotoID: 644789
Photograph © Doug Lilly
I just looked up my stats. I'm a Mechanical Engineer....I track everything. Since 10/31/2008, I have filed 15 appeals on RP. 14 were accepted. One was rejected. The rejected one was associated with a pixel dimensions issue, but the reviewer did provide me with information needed to avoid that situation again, so the shot was ultimately accepted after being recropped.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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