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Originally Posted by David Harrison View Post
After being dormant for some years, I'm back, got new Mac Pro laptop. I've got to learn its features. I've submitted a dozen photos, four made it. Two sent fo appeal. How do I get the appeal's results? How do I post the photo?

Appeal results should be sent to your email account. Need to make sure that is still correct
To post your photo that is accepted

There have been cautionary notes about too many appeals, not sure if that still holds. I may have been on the edge even tho some of my higher views have been on appeal. I sometimes appeal on the spur, you should wait and take another look later.

I have been using the built in RAW tool in photo shop to straighten images, works pretty well. On your image it say leaning right so rotate enough to the left to get the steeple and light pole upright(maybe .5), they are tilted, or use a distortion tool if you think the problem is only on the edge.

You will need to go back before sized to 1200 as you will now need to crop.

Hope that helps.

Bob Jordan
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