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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Wikipedia and others state this unit was SP 1203. Other rosters have it as 1201.

Funny that a museum would paint it for a road (GB&W) that did not own an S6.
Sources that I've seen say that the GB&W did own and operate this unit for a few months before leasing it out and eventually selling it to James River a few years later. Apparently, it operated on the GB&W in patched SP paint, so the museum paint scheme and number is completely fictitious, or at least a "what if".

It sounds like my futile search for James River reporting marks has been validated by several of you, and I don't think that James River Corp. and James River Oil are one and the same. I'll resubmit with no reporting marks, and see if that flies. Thanks for your help.

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