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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Looks like RP management is less than enthusiastic about rolling stock roster shots.
Not even considering the subject matter and RP's noted lack of enthusiasm over non-locomotive shots (thinking back to some of the MofW shots I've had to fight to get accepted which ultimately ended up being well received by the patrons) the shot falls flat in the lighting - or perhaps it's the processing - and that ain't doing it any favors. Compare the vibrancy of the accepted image - even blocking out the bright orange loco - with the dullness of the rejected one. Not only does the car have a "flat" feel to it's tonality, but even the roof trusses are dull in comparison. Now I'm not saying that it would have been accepted had it a bit more life to it, but it may have had a slightly better chance. That's what struck me first off anyway.
FWIW i too am grateful of your attention to this museum which I'd never heard of previously.
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