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I've heard from sources around Roanoke that signal replacement is happening now, though I don't know how far outside the city it goes. I'm just assuming that by this summer, very few if any N&W signals will be left - hope I'm wrong though.

I'm shooting the trips out of Roanoke. Both lines they are running on have a good bit of scenic potential and there are many iconic locations from the N&W steam days (Montgomery Tunnel, Vicker coal tower, Blue Ridge Grade, etc.). There are many good locations around places like Elliston and Shaswville (I'd recommend getting to your spot early and staking it out though), and enough curvature along both lines to shoot the train in good sun angles regardless of which direction it's heading (though high sun will take up a good chunk of the day). Roanoke has a pretty stellar 4th of July fireworks display as well.

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