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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Those regulations already exist as I understand it at certain National Parks. The White House is already a TFR/no-fly zone so new regs aren't going to change anything...
It's not so much The White House.... it is illegal to fly ANY UAS/UAV system within 15 miles of DCA. Obviously, there are procedures for DOD and other federal agencies to be granted waivers.

That being said, the individual responsible for this also works for the NGA, and self reported because of their security clearance. I suspect they'll be looking for a new job very soon, as their clearance is almost surely going to be yanked.

That being said, the FAA is supposed to be releasing new regulations governing the use of these remote control pests very soon. It's widely expected that they will at a minimum allow private property owners to restrict operation of them in their airspace. That would mean the railroads would be well within their rights to tell people, "Not over our tracks, yards or trains."

At the minimum, operators of these things should be required to carry professional liability insurance and I'd even go so far as to suggest a license to operate them if not operated at a registered hobby site.
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