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Thanks guys, I have revisited this one and have resubmitted a couple times. both failures... BUT!
I looked back through my recovered files (these were on old hard drive had some issues and were the saved few) I actually had another similar raw file that had the full catenary to the right.
Had a couple issues with dark and color cast being off... I'm going to sit on it now and come back later and see what my eyes pick up before any further submissions.

Oh, believe it or not this is a full sun day! not a cloud to be seen anywhere. The sunshine and blue sky is more obvious in the second shot.

Funny, I don't recall taking simultaneous shots from two cameras but I did...

Anthony - crop off the tower? ouch, i'd rather let it live on Flickr.

Loyd - keep setting that bad example!

What little I have is here...
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