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Oops, my apologies to Mr. Hicks, he of the Hicksian post-processing technique. I somehow missed your post despite its presence right before mine.

But I have poked around some and, alas, confirmed that I was undereducated on HDR vs tone mapping. Although, in the end, I think it makes no difference.

So, loosely and curtly speaking, HDR is about capturing max tonal range and tone mapping is about squishing tonal range into the (narrower dynamic range) medium in which you want to display an image.

For our purposes, defined for now as putting an image onto RP, is there a difference? The jpg itself limits the DR, we capture as much dynamic range as possible through some technique (HDR, pseudo HDR), and we save it into a narrow range format (JPG). Seems to me like we are doing both at the same time. So what is tone mapping, and how it is different than HDR or shadows, please?

PS: this is an interesting discussion:
This is a key point for me, from the first post: "Every digital image - HDR or not - needs to be tone-mapped"
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