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Talking My thoughts.

From a historical stand point, I would like to see that image in the DB, because the place doesn't look like that now.

Image © EL ROCO Photography
PhotoID: 350757
Photograph © EL ROCO Photography

However, there are other photos taken from that side of the tracks such as:

Image © Gary R. Schermerhorn
PhotoID: 420554
Photograph © Gary R. Schermerhorn

And, as stated, your scan is not that great (I like the picture though, but I am admittedly biased in Cajon).

Most people don't shoot this angle because there are only about 45 days a year that the sun is that far north, and they are afraid to get on that side of the tracks from the highway because security will have kittens if they see you crossing the tracks there nowadays.

However, there are ways to get over legally and you can still shoot that angle, albeit not as close to the rails as yours (21 feet).

I will grab that for you later this Summer as one of the 2013 Solstice series.
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