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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Mike was the art director for Trains Magazine for a few years (and on the staff before that), so he was on the cutting edge of using digital technology for scanning, image manipulation and "improvement." There's no substitute for knowledge and experience, and Mike has a ton of both. Most of the stunning images of his you see on were taken with conventional, old-fashioned color transparency film (various ISOs). He knows how to squeeze the best out of every shot. That's why he's one of the best in the "business."

As for me.....well, not so much (at least in the digital world). I'm still trying to learn, however.
Wow, thanks for the compliments, guys! I want to correct one thing though. I was at Kalmbach from 1984-95, and Trains Art Director from 1990-95. BUT, I worked on the magazine(s) just before the art department did any Photoshop work on the images. When I was there, we still sent out our slides to an outside vendor to get drum scans and color-corrections. I WAS there for the transition from old-fashioned layout, paste-up, Rapidographs and boards to laying the magazine out with a (Mac) computer.

All of the Photoshop skills that I use were self-taught after Kalmbach, with a lot of help from some friends that are really good at it. I do notice that practice helps (What’s new; that can be said about a lot of things) and have found that slides on the lighter side scan much better than underexposed ones, even though these darker images can really look quite nice projected. Ron is correct; most of my images are scanned from color transparency film, as I was a late conformer to digital, finally switching in 2010.

…And Ron, Yes, I am still learning a lot too!

Mike Danneman
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