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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Those two rejections are simply trying to tell you that your attempts weren't good enough to be accepted. It's obvious of your attempts, they just don't work.
Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
Here I sit wondering "what in the world is wrong with his second rejection?" I don't see anything that makes it "not good enough."

Foreground Obstruction:

My thought: Where's the obstruction? The sign is framing the train. If you're going to reject the shot at least do it for the correct reason, which to me would be (if anything) bad cropping.
Agreed. That's strong wording from a screener, that the attempts, especially the second one, don't work. Photographers here are encouraged to think outside the box and be creative, and when their creativity is met with heavy-handed resistance, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I agree with the bad cropping suggestion, as I would tighten it up to get rid of the road at right, but there is no foreground obstruction, and it is a creative framing of a light engine shot.

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