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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
To me, one thing that doesn't make the Backlit shot work is out of your control -- the fact that it's light power. A train trailing down the track would be much more asthetically pleasing to my eye. But there is also some Bad Color and Bad Contrast going on there, too.
Well, I kind of like the fact that the trailing unit's red lights are on. I agree that it would be better with a long train climbing up the hill, though. I'll have to try this one again. Would you have any advice to make the color and contrast better? I'm definately keeping this one for my personal collection, and would love to improve it some more if I can.

Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
My thought: Where's the obstruction? The sign is framing the train. If you're going to reject the shot at least do it for the correct reason, which to me would be (if anything) bad cropping.
My thoughts, exactly! I could have shot this one wedgie style, but I thought the light power was particularly well suited for this shot idea... oh well, at least I tried!
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