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Originally Posted by dodi4200
can i know the reasons of being it not the best?
UP had two difficult mergers in the 1990's with CNW and SP. Integrating two railroad systems is never easy but some carriers do a better job than others. With CNW, a major challenge was swinging grain traffic that often went to the nearest CNW river port to a longer haul on UP. This added congestion and slowed the cycle of cars back to the elevators. With SP, changes in switching patterns in the Gulf Coast (closing Strang TX and moving chemical switching to SP's Englewood yard) quickly bogged things down until a signficant portion of the system was choked with too much traffic and too few crews and locomotives. Much of these troubles are behind UP now. They have purchased about 2000 locomotives and conducted a major double tracking of the former SP Sunset route (Los Angeles to El Paso).

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