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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Sure, when you think SDP40F you think Amtrak. But when you think Amtrak power you do not, I would say, in general first think of the SDP40F.
I've trimmed your post down to the problem portion of it for me...

You can't know what I think... you can only know what you think.

(Which even goes back to the question to Max - when he says it is this versus that to everyone, is he representing a certain demographic, or is he saying this is true of everyone period - clearly you support the latter.)

And yes... one image of Amtrak that I see is those orange GP7s on the NEC, scurrying about with work trains... suddenly shocking the hell out of me at Metropark when the chant of a 567 suddenly breaks through the air and the distant hum of the Garden State Parkway.
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