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Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the continuing lamentations by some that film makes you a better photographer is like arguing that Eric Clapton is a hack guitar player because he plays an electric most of the time.

That is just silly and a waste of the film because old film does not make good images - that is common knowledge.
I do not subscribe to the thought that film makes you a better photographer. That is neo-Luddite behavior. Nor do I ascribe to the assertion that any previous technology is superior.

Film, like digital, is just a part of the the toolkit with the most important part of that tool kit being the photographer's brain.

Technology, ever since the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel, exists solely for the betterment of the human race and inexorably marches on.

When you say old film is bad, I take it that you mean outdated film, not that film itself is.

Originally Posted by lock4244 View Post
Yeah, sure. I bet you miss the Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Western Pacific, right? BFD that they're gone?

To lament is human...

The point that may have been missed is that shooting film was different than digital. Just like LP's, 8 tracks, and cassettes are different from digital (CD's are digital)... the sound is different and some might say better (not me, though), so it is with film.
I agree with Mike that lamentation is human and that the previous technology simply is different. Long time users of discarded technology will miss aspects, ancillary or not, because it has been a part of their lives. Sometimes, as in my life, it a part of their bread and butter.

My signature has been "Lover of old, user of new." Therefore I love steam locomotive's and film cameras.

However, if I had to be drilling freight at 2AM in heavy precipitation or doing a photo shoot, I would prefer a diesel or a digital camera.

I am ambivalent about Kodachrome since I way always a slave and never a master of it. Consequently, I haven't used Kodachrome regularly since the 90's.

However, since Kodachrome has been inexorably intertwined with photography for 70 years, I just wished to be a part of a respectful goodbye.

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