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Originally Posted by lock4244 View Post
Those here that only know digital will never know what it was like to shoot Kodachrome, and, IMO, what it was like to truly make a photograph. Digital opens some many possibilities, but it takes away a key element... knowing the film and how to use it. That view screen on the back of the camera takes away alot of the skill. If you shot Kodachrome, you know exactly what I mean by that.
Exactly. That's why I railed for so long against those that always touted RAW as a way to save your shots if you messed up the settings. With digital, there's no excuse for messing up the settings unless you don't know what you're doing. Shooting Kodachrome for a few years taught me more about cameras than digital ever could have. There were no test shots, no checking the histogram on the back of the camera; you had to know your settings and get it right the first time.

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