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Originally Posted by Joey Bowman View Post
Also her comment about posting no trespassing signs really speaks about people these days. People like her are the reason we have signs warning us that coffee is hot or not to light flames at a gas station. Or that the plastic wrapping around toilet paper might suffocate a little kid.

Originally Posted by JWH
I unfortunately tend to believe that it's not a case of 'You can't fix stupid" but rather an opportunistic venture based on the "It's not my fault" mindset and hungry lawyers.

I think it's more than that. It's gotten to the point where people don't have to take responsibility anymore.

Speaking of Ron White, he mentioned in one of his stand-ups that he got so mad, "steam was shooting out of my ears", about the case of the guy who murdered a grandmother, mother, and child without provocation and the jury sentenced him to death. Then a group of people spoke on his behalf... "on his behalf..." that they couldn't do that because he was too crazy to know they were killing him.

Winning the case would just be another anecdote to how screwed up the legal system is.

Okay, so they need signs? Put one up next to the tracks that has a picture of the woman and below it reads "DON'T BE LIKE THIS STUPID BITCH".
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