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Default This question has a more detailed answer

This question has a more detailed answer:

Wrong main only applies to D-251 territory where track is signaled for movement in one direction only with no signals in the opposing direction for that track.

Most mains today that are double track, or D-261, are signaled in BOTH directions on both tracks. In this example there is NO such thing as wrong main. However, the term carries over in several of the magazines and with older fans but is improper.

On triple you have to see the employee timetable know for certain but you can make a guess when in the field. You can tell if each triple track signal bridge (or each of 3 single masts) has signals in both directions for each track then there is no wrong main. All tracks even in 251 have signals on all track at interlockings, but the tell-tell locations is at intermediates signals.

The term wrong main resulted from when in 251 territory you had to get trainorders or TWC's today to run in the direction that had no signals.
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