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Originally Posted by PLEzero View Post

Status quo. There is already plenty of commentary on the forums from the past several years out there. No sense in replying to this topic if it's a 'one and done' post for the admins. RPN became stale about three years ago. I prefer the Flickr community, layout, and options much more.
Surprised nobody acknowledge this dead on assessment of the site. The admins here have clearly decided they have no interest of keeping this site relevant. The site will continue to decline in patronage until it can no longer ride off its past popularity. I nothing to convince me otherwise. Too bad too, because for a while there it was almost a really great site, but the interest just wasn't there from the powers at be.

I use to check this site several times a day, seven days a week. Now a check a couple times during the work day to kill time and rarely on the weekends. The quality is dropping, the production is outdated and stale and the lack of interest is really off putting.
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