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When I took a crew on RR property (back when I did that) I always had a representative from the RR there (usually a management person) and when we worked on a live track, or adjacent to one, there was a MOW guy with a radio and a vest in addition to the management guy and he would shadow me while I told my guys what to do.

Working on tracks is serious stuff, as is working on potentially live equipment that could come on automatically, or in reaction to someone flipping a switch, or turning a valve somewhere else in the factory.

Such things must be locked out / tagged out which is like a blue flag.

I sort of figured it was a bootleg operation when they were surprised by a train, because a legit operation would have had track and time for such an event.

And even in dark territory, crews would have had prior notice of your presence.

Stopping trains is not rocket science.

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Sounds like pedophilia to me... lots of that I imagine going around inside hollywood circles
Some serious red necken was goin on in someone's brain to get that sentence on the screen.

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