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After reading the update, I still get the impression that although the film crew "had permission to be on the property", they likely didn't have permission to be on the tracks or the bridge, and likely didn't brief the railroad on the details of what they were intending to do. If they had, the railroad never would have allowed ANYTHING to actually be on the track.

It also strikes me that whoever was in charge of the crew....probably this Director fellow (who should end up facing negligent homicide charges IMHO)....likely never conducted any sort of safety assessment or emergency escape briefing.

It is amazing to me how some people blunder through life, never looking at the details or considering the what-ifs.....and then they'll cry "how could this happen to me?" when something awful transpires. Funny, those people will be the first to look for someone with deep pockets to blame when their own stupidity finally catches up with them.

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